About Dmitry Kazakov

I am an artist looking to enter into a productive collaboration with gallery owners, art dealers, and curators. I am looking to exhibit my work in order to find a wider audience and client base. I have developed several original techniques in painting and graphic arts. My art reflects upon various aspects of collocations and interactions between men and women, family and marriage, life and death, social personalities and characters, humans and society, freedom and repression, and art vis-a-vis trade. In my work I study, analyze, and express these juxtapositions to the widest extent possible.

Currently, however, I have not found adequate prospects to keep this course and am seeking to expand my audience by mounting more vibrant shows to generate greater interest in and sales of my work. If you would, please have a look at my collections on Facebook. The artwork you will find there is presented in the albums, each of which represents a particular theme or technique and style. Moreover, almost every album has its own storyline; my album groupings, in turn, could be used as a ready-made outline or a concept for a potential exhibition.

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